Building compiler: Allow to skip dynamic libstd and tarballs

I prepare a custom toolchain for other developers and Rust is one of the tools I bundle. I currently use build and install.

For the sake of decreasing build time I'd like to have the following features available:

  1. Ability to control whether libstd is build statically, dynamically or both
  2. Ability to disable all tarballs and bypass dist altogether

If any of that is trivially possible by patching src/bootstrap, please let me know!

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Libstd is small enough that linking it adds at most a couple of seconds to the build time, which is nothing compared to the full build time of the entire compiler.

We already skip compressing the tarballs in ./ install. Skipping building the tarball may be possible, but I don't think it helps much.

Perhaps you could allow an empty list in dist.compression-formats to disable dist tarballs?