Announcement: Champion model for RFCs


We’ve decided to make a change to the RFC process with the goal of increasing interaction between RFC authors and the weekly meeting participants, and to ensure that feedback is received early and there is more opportunity for iteration in the design.

The new process is based on the idea of assigning RFCs a champion. The role of the champion is to move the RFC through the process. This starts with simply reading the RFC in detail and providing initial feedback. The champion should also solicit feedback from people who are likely to have strong opinions about the RFC. Finally, when this feedback has been incorporated and the RFC seems to be in a steady state, the champion will bring it to the meeting. In general, the idea here is to “front-load” as much of the feedback as possible before the point where we actually reach a decision.

Champions will be assigned during the weekly triage meeting. During the meeting, we will review newly opened RFCs. RFCs that do not seem likely to be accepted will simply be closed. All other RFCs will be assigned a champion from the set of weekly meeting attendees. This will be indicated by using Github assignment. Also, since it is the job of a champion to track RFCs and bring them before the meeting, we won’t be doing the weekly “older RFCs” e-mail anymore.

We’re excited about this change and we hope you are too.



Maybe we should alpha-rename “champion” to “shepherd” for the team member managing an RFC, to reflect that the assignee need not be in favor of the RFC, just representing it in discussions anc moving it towards its final destination, wherever that may be



Seems like a good idea


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