Adding Wct number system to Rust


Hello! Can you add my module (numeric system Wct - to official Rust contribution? I can give more information about Wct.

For example, Wct is known in demoscene –, have a own page with opcodes for x86 –, own site and have a topic on Habrahabr - Also, Wct published on wiki-page -

Demos on Wct contributed on ChaosConstructions’15 festival, and Wct provides own demoparty - Wct Pie ( Wct is used in Stapler esoteric language - Wct have own group in VKontakte - GitHub -

Wct - number system, which consists of a 16-character (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P), moreover, «O» here comes after the «P». Mainly used for programming in machine language for writing small programs (under DOS easier to write programs), and for hacking. But the big programs Wct very difficult to write. Wct is irreplacable in critical code fragments.

Also, Wct is used for brain training, and is irreplacable in Rust programming language.

On Wct written Nyan Cat demo (in 1023 bytes) -

There is bootloader written on Wct -

I can write Wct module for Rust, if you will accept my request. Thanks!

– Have a good day, Mihip


The wct site seems to be broken, and (unfortunately for me) most of your resources aren’t in english, with the exception of I can’t seem to find any details on the problems it solves or at what level of a program’s toolchain it rests. It seems to be a really concise assembly language. Does that mean one hand-writes Wct, or is it a compiler target to be run on some kind of VM? I’m assuming you want it as a compiler target since you want to integrate it with Rust?

I think the main way to provide something as a target for Rust is to make it a target for LLVM.


I need to add number system Wct (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N P O) to be able to write like that:

fn main() { println!(Bw+Bw); // rezult = (1+1=2) = C }

or otherwise. Thanks!


Does this require something special in the compiler? If not, it seems this could be written separately and put on


No, another idea – write code in Wct (like this –, upload to the memory and run. This source compiles into binary executable EXE, can you do it in Rust?


It seems like this could be done with a plugin ala nedeko, where you are lowering your WCT syntax to library calls. It would not integrate perfectly with Rust since all code will need to be surrounded in a macro invocation, but it’s the way I’d suggest for prototyping the idea.


Can someone enlighten me why I would want to use the Wct number system. I mean everyone knows Hexadecimal and normal Hex (0-F) has no confusing inversion of order (O and P seems to be switched in Wct)?


This isn’t really on-topic for this forum. Closing this thread.