Add x86_64-pc-windows-lld target or something

Add x86 and x86_64 targets for windows that automatically use rust-lld and doesn't require Visual C++ Build Tools. It's not convenient to always create cargo config or specify linker via any other method.

pc-windows-gnu works without the VC++ Tools using a bundled MingW.

At the current time, using the msvc ABI has a hard requirement on the VC++ Tools (for CRT/unwind startup, IIRC? Something like that).

x86_64-pc-windows-gnu depends on MinGW, so it requires cargo config for using rust-lld as a linker too…

I mean, can we make a target depending only on LLVM tools?

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Doesn’t this target require mingw clang?

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Summary: LLVM's MSVC abi has a hard coded dependency on MSVC C++ exception handling (for panics). We would either need to reverse engineer that (which is difficult) or else wait for the vcruntime to be open sourced (which might be awhile).

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